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The oldest capital city in northern Europe, Tallinn or Reval as it was known for most of the last 600 years— first appeared on the map in 1154 and its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a city whose history reaches back beyond the Teutonic Knights, Tallinn is also described by The New York Times as ‘Silicon Valley of the Baltic Sea’. It has also been named the European City of Culture in 2011, cementing its growing reputation as a cultural hotspot.




Segway Tour

What better way to explore Tallinn than gliding through its streets and paths on a Segway Personal Transporter? This fun, high-tech vehicle is easy to use and takes you places that a car or bicycle can't. Pick one up at the rental office in Old Town, and after just 5 minutes of instruction, you're ready to roll!


Megazone Adventure Centre

Get hold of your friends and strap on laser packs for a battle in an indoor arena? Megazone lets you do just that, and even has rooms available for your party afterwards. The same centre also offers an adventure park with challenging pathways high up in the air and a Segway obstacle course.


Free Yourself on a Ship that is Sinking!

Everything looks like you are inside a computer game. But this is a real room with real things in it. Your goal is to escape the room you were locked up in. You need to solve any sort of puzzles, explore caches, use tips wisely, use available stuff and finally find the keys and open the door.

You will have one hour only to escape the room. Doors will open anyway once the hour is over. But you will have a choice – either to challenge yourself again and explore a pleasure of escaping the room or continue living with a slight feeling of dissatisfaction.

Claustrophobia is an entertainment for groups of 2 to 4 people. Some tasks will require cooperative actions from you. You don’t need academic knowledge or physical strength, but you definitely will need your logical thinking and pay attention to details.


Tallinn 2-Hour Bike Tour

The ‘Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour’ is a welcome indeed. Explore the picturesque city the easy way with a guided bicycle tour that is suitable for individuals, groups or the entire family, who want to see more than just the Old Town.

The tours are designed for travelers who like to have fun while they explore and gain a true insight into the Estonia of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Tours take place every day and in all seasons, starting from the City Bike office in the Old Town. Groups are kept small to allow for a more personalized experience, with easy routes to allow for inexperienced or young cyclists. Children’s bikes, seats and trailers are all available on request.

You will keep mainly to the cycle paths and quiet roads as you tour the UNESCO World Heritage city. You will also see some of its modern buildings, the World War II Memorial and the Olympic Center.


Helsinki Day Trip

While in Tallinn, take some time to explore the dynamic, vibrant city of Helsinki on this day trip! Famous for its modern architecture, Helsinki boasts interesting attractions like magnificent pipe-constructed Sibelius Monument and Temppeliaukio Church, built on a rock with a copper-covered. In addition to your narrated coach tour, you’ll have plenty of time to explore independently.


  • Day trip to Helsinki from Tallinn
  • Take the morning ferry and explore the fascinating city on a narrated coach tour
  • Learn about the city’s world-famous architecture and design from your expert guide
  • Enjoy plenty of free time to explore on your own


Tallinn TV Tower

Choose a fine day to get the best out of your visit to Tallinn TV Tower in the suburb of Pirita. This 314 meter structure was built to give better reception for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. It is officially the tallest building in the city, and provides 360 degree view of Tallinn and across to the Gulf of Finland. Other features of the tower to make it worth a visit are the cafe-restaurant, a vertigo inducing glass floor platform, an interactive media display and bullet holes from a Soviet Coup in 1991 in the tower’s base.