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Somewhere between the beautiful Caucasus Mountains and the spectacular Black Sea in Europe, lies the country of Georgia. This mysterious and fascinating region has something to offer to all sorts of visitors. Be it family, romance, adventure, nightlife or shopping, tourism in Georgia is booming at such a fast pace with so many places to visit! Packed with charming towns, mouth-watering cuisine, world-famous wine, extraordinary historical landmarks, beautiful churches and monasteries, there are endless things to see in Georgia, Europe.




Horse Riding

Georgia is suitable for horse riding and mountain biking in the numerous mountain roads and tracks. Special Caucasian horses bred for their endurance and beauty, such as the Kabardo and the Tusheti, are the traditional means of transport in this area. Trips can be started at the mountain resort of Bakuriani.


Wine Tasting

Go wine tasting in the Kakheti province in the far east of the country, Georgia's wine-growing region. Apart from being an ancient tradition, drinking wine is also a social skill, with the traditional toast (or Tamada) being the prerogative of the most powerful male at the table.


Sulphur Baths

Experiment with health-giving sulphur baths in a domed, oriental-style 19th-century bath house just north of the Metekhi Bridge in Tbilisi. Popular with visitors today, Georgian Sulphur Baths were also frequented by writers such as Pushkin and Tolstoy.



Some 10km (6 miles) east of Gori is Uplistsikhe (Fortress of God), a large complex of natural caves. Inhabited from the sixth century BC to the 14th century AD, the caves were gradually transformed into increasingly sophisticated dwellings, shops and public buildings, including the most ancient theatre in Georgia, dungeons and enormous wine cellars.